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    What's Inside:

    Updated! 2015 Canoe Events Calendar

    Looking for a paddling festival or a canoe race? Ready to take a class and sharpen up those skills? Check out canoeing and kayaking events in your region. More

    Free Trip Planning Guide

    Thinking about your first canoe trip? Exploring somewhere new this summer? Check out our free guide for inspiration, hundreds o outfitters and guides, amazing places to paddle, permit information, gear checklists, all in one convenient PDF ... More >

    Summer Canoe Camps for Kids

    Are the kids getting restless? Its not too late to find a great summer canoe camp; they'll learn wilderness skills and find lifelong friendships ... More >

    BWCAW Permit Registration Open

    Its time to reserve those permits, find your Entry Point to the Boundary Waters, check out the portage info and nearest lake, and Reserve Permits Online with our interactive map... More >

    Reconstructing the Past

    Archaeologists reveal the Quetico-Superior of 12,000 years ago. It has been believed that the Quetico-Superior wilderness was too inhospitable for human habitation, but recent research indicates otherwise... More

    Janice Matichuk: Quetico Ranger and Ambassador to the Wilderness

    When Janice Matichuk became Interior Park Ranger for Quetico Provincial Park, her daughter was 5 mos old. The Cache Bay Ranger Station where she was posted lay 1,000 miles away from home in eastern Ontario... More >

    Discovering the Birds of the Boundary Waters

    "Trekking the Boundary Waters, my portages followed a predictable path; I would double-check the distance on my map, hoist up a heavy Duluth pack…But not anymore... I discovered the birds of the BWCA... " More >

    New Trip Log: Woodland Caribou Provincial Park: A Father and Son Trip

    "This was the 11th canoe trip my son, Ben, and I have taken together. Since his first trip when he was 5, Ben has loved being out in the wilderness. We had never been to WCPP... " More >

    Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness: Modified Kawisihiwi Lake/Lady Loop

    "I found this route referenced by different names in different guides. One guide called it the Kawishiwi Lake Loop and the other referred to it as the Lady Loop..." More >

    Paddle the Otoskwin-Attawapiskat Rivers of Ontario

    "Having canoed Ontario rivers like the Missinaibi, Wakweyokastic and the Albany, we thought we knew what to expect, but, for almost a month, the scenic and exciting Otoskwin-Attawapiskat delivered..." More >

    Find a Used Canoe in the Classifieds

    Looking for a used canoe or kayak? Thinking of selling off some of your gear? Check out the new Canoeing Classifieds! Posting ads is totally free and there are already some great deals to explore...More >

    Far North Canoe Adventures

    This summer we followed two epic journeys by canoe across the arctic and sub-arctic wilderness. Meet the paddlers and find out what happened along the way on the Rails to Whales Expedition > and the SubArctic River Adventure 2012 Q & A >

    Featured Canoe Outfitters and Canoeing Gear Deals in the Marketplace

    Dreaming of a canoe trip this summer? Check out our new Featured Outfitters section for a shortcut to the trip of a lifetime, or if you're looking to fill out that pack, head over to the new Gear Deals... More >

    Whitewater Canoeing for Everyone

    Located in the heart of downtown Wausau, Wisconsin, the Wausau Whitewater Park offers canoeing and kayaking for everyone to enjoy.
    More >

    Woodland Caribou Park

    Where Nature Still Rules--where in the world can you still paddle in complete isolation, with only the caribou for company. Listen to the wolf call, journey past pictographs and paddle back in time... More >

    New Trip Log: Quetico Park 2011

    Follow four Oregonians on their Quetico adventure -- from the Echo Trail to crossing the border, they share the challenges of finding a campsite, dealing with weather and eating well along the way... More >

    Where to Go: Sylvania

    Sylvania Wilderness is a unique remnant of the once vast stretches of forest, and offers backcountry camping as well as a convenient campground, beach, and picnic areas ... More >

    Meet Granite Gear

    If you've ever portaged with a Granite Gear pack, you know their quality and design can't be beat. Canoeing.com gets the back story on our favorite backpacks with founder Dan Cruikshank. More >

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