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Outfitters and Guides for Beginners:

As a novice canoeist, learning the ropes from experienced paddlers is a great way to build your paddling resumé and acquire canoeing tips and tricks–without learning them the hard way! Whether you’re heading out for a day paddle or an overnight trip, outfitters and professional canoe guides are great resources for more than just gear rental. They can partner with you to find a route suitable for your skill levels, make sure you’re bringing the right gear as well as teach you how to use it, and educate you on safety and other precautions. Plus, they’ll watch for your safe return. Taking it to the next level and traveling with a guide will give you even more opportunities for hands-on-learning so that as your experience and comfort levels grow, so will your ability to someday head out on your own.

It’s important to use a guide or outfitter familiar with the waterways you’ll be paddling. Once you have selected a location in the Destination Guide, follow the links for outfitters and guides located in the region.

Photo by Tim Eaton

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