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When you set out to learn how to canoe or how to canoe camp, there is one important thing to remember: there are the fundamentals of canoeing–canoes, paddles, paddling strokes, etc.–and then there are the individual canoeist’s interpretations of those fundamentals. There are as many interpretations as there are canoeists. Every canoer has his or her own favorite canoe, best knot, killer breakfast recipe, and other canoeing secrets. You will discover yours the more you get out on the water and gain experience.

That said there are generally accepted best practices, like getting off the water during a lightning storm. And there is no reason to learn everything the hard way when you can benefit from the experience of others. The ‘How To’ pages have been designed to connect you directly with “how to” resources for everything from basic paddle strokes to hanging your perfect tarp to canoeing with kids.

Check back often for feature stories, in-depth articles on canoeing fundamentals. Looking for a topic that isn’t listed? Let us know. And don’t forget, as a beginner, it’s always a good idea to work with a professional outfitter or guide for some in-person instruction.

Canoe Basics

Canoe Safety

Paddling Basics

Camping Basics

Miscellaneous Tips

Canoe Camping Basics
Learn a few camping essentials before you hit the trail.
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