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Canoe Basics

Choosing a Canoe

It’s not always as simple as renting a Grumman or an Alumacraft at your local beachfront; canoe types are vast and varied, and figuring out which one is right for you can take some sleuthing.

Our ultimate Canoe Guide offers in-depth information on the types of canoes and advice on choosing the right one for you.

Loading a Canoe

Canoe: long, narrow, and tippy. Gear Pile: a jumble of rotund packs, fishing poles, and gear that must fit in said canoe. But how? And how do you get yourself in there? Loading your canoe properly has a big impact on maneuverability. Too much weight up front makes it cumbersome to steer, whereas keeping weight low in the canoe will make it less prone to tipping. Check out the following links for other theories and advice on loading you and your gear into your canoe.

> OutdoorSite Library

> Canoe Country Wilderness Canoeing

Transporting a Canoe

Getting a canoe to your destination safely and in one piece is a good way to start any paddling outing.

> Charles River Canoe & Kayak webpage on transporting canoes

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