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Dogs and Canoeing

Dogs have long been trusty travel companions. John Steinbeck recounted his cross-country adventures with his dog in Travels with Charlie. Author Peter Jenkins chronicled his walk across America with his beloved half malamute by his side. But getting a dog to sit still in a canoe? A challenge, yes. Impossible, no. Dogs really can be great canoeing companions. Listed below are several links that give good advice on canoeing with your beloved canine friend. To quote the experts at Rutabaga, a Wisconsin paddlesport shop, “Canoes + Canines…an equation that can work for you…

> Dog Paddling Tips for Canoeing and Kayaking with Dogs

> Canoeing With Your Dog

> Canoe Camping with Your Dog

Kids and Canoeing

Who called it settling down? Starting a family doesn’t mean that canoe adventures have to come to an end. In fact, canoeing takes on a whole new significance with kids. A good, practical guide to canoeing with kids has been written by Rolf and Debra Kraiker, Cradle to Canoe, Camping and Canoeing with Children.

> Taking the Kids Canoeing

> How to Pack - Canoeing and Kids

> Canoe With Your Brood - How to Raise a Paddler

Knot Tying

The ability to tie at least a couple of good knots can go a long way when you’re canoeing. If you were never a Boy Scout or a Campfire Girl, or if you need a refresher on knot tying basics here are some resources. provides an extensive guide to ideal knots for four categories: paddling, the outdoors, fishing and boating while Folsom’s basic guide to knot tying offers basic information, the Web Knot Index will connect you to a variety of knot-tying web sites.

> Netknots

> Folsom's Guide to Knots

> Web Knot Index

> Crest Capital Learning About Knots

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