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Choosing a Destination

The right destination is key to making your canoe trip memorable for the right reasons. Whether you’re open to any location, or have your heart set onthe Boundary Waters Canoe Area, researching your destination will ensure that it fits your goals and skill level. The Destination Guide has all the information you need, and answering the following questions will help you sift through the options:

You don’t always need to travel far to reach great canoe country. The Destination Guide is organized by state and Canadian province so you can find canoe country in your neck of the woods or someone else’s.

Think about how much time you have. Do you need a weekend getaway or a park large enough to stay out for a week or more? In the Destination Guide you’ll find maps and route suggestions for specific canoeing destinations. You can also visit the Message Board/Forums and Trip Logs to see where others have paddled.

The geography of your trip determines more than the scenery: it affects how far you travel and the level of challenge, the type of weather and even the wildlife you see. Canoeing in a place like the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness might involve more portaging than paddling the Brule River in Wisconsin, but you’re also more likely to see a moose. Still, you can’t always count on lake travel to be full of portages and rivers to be lazy floats. The best way to learn about the terrain of a particular region is through the Destination Guide and Trip Logs.

Think beyond the basics. Researching an area’s busiest time of year, average weather, wettest month, and the height of mosquito season can help you identify your ideal time to visit. Likewise, natural attractions like waterfalls, pictographs and wildflowers can attract you to your ideal destination.

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