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Getting Started

Part of the beauty of a canoe trip is the simplicity. You’ll be carrying everything you need with you – a sometimes mind-boggling, yet liberating, reality in contrast to the amenity-burdened lives we lead. Planning ahead to bring the right gear and be familiar with your route is important. Naturally, the necessity of being able to fit everything in the canoe or carry it over portages limits how much stuff you can bring. That means that every little thing counts. If you forget something, you’ll have to do without, and bringing inappropriate gear or unappetizing food can lead to one uncomfortable trip.

Particularly if this is your first trip, it’s wise to work with an outfitter to plan your trip or even travel with a guided group. Learning the ropes from experienced paddlers is a great way to build your own paddling resume and learn the tricks of the trade so that you can someday be comfortable heading out on your own. Most wilderness and paddling areas are surrounded by a plethora of outfitters, suppliers and guides. See the outfitters and guides listed in each section of the Destination Guide to learn from the experts and benefit from their experience.

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