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What to Pack for a Canoe Trip

You don’t need the most expensive or fanciest gear to have a great trip, but a tent that doesn’t leak, a solid raincoat, a comfortable canoe paddle and a good first aid kit are all essential.

For help selecting the right gear, consult the Gear Guide.  Iif you’re a thrifty shopper and know what you’re looking for, quality used gear can often be purchased from outfitters, thrift stores and outdoor gear swaps. But if you’re new to canoe tripping, you might want to consider renting gear from an outfitter or guide until you know that you’re committed to the canoe-camping experience. Check out our handy Trip Planning Guide for packing lists and more.


Photo by John Skemp

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--------------------------- Gear Checklist [PDF]

Seagull Outfitters: Ultimate Canoe Trip Checklist Trip Planning Guide [PDF]

Canoe Trip Gear Checklist

Group Equipment
__ Canoe
__ Canoe chairs
__ Canoe kit (bowline, tiedown line, anchor bag)
__ Extra rope
__ PFDs/life jackets
__ Paddles (plus spare paddle)
__ Thwart/bow bags
__ Food pack (with rope and pulley)
__ Portage packs
__ Tents
__ Tarps/ground cloths
__ Campstove (tested)
__ Camp saw/hatchet
__ Collapsible water container
__ Cooking pots/pans/coffee pot
__ Cooking utensils
__ Cups, silverware, plates
__ Extra trash bags/baggies
__ Fillet knife
__ First aid kit
__ Folding shovel
__ Fuel for campstove
__ Lightweight plastic cutting board
__ Matches/lighter
__ Paper towels
__ Playing cards
__ Scrubbrush/pad & dishsoap
__ Toilet paper
__ Meals/snacks/individually sealed packages
__ Salt, pepper, spices
__ Water filter or treatment tablets
__ Compass/GPS
__ Map(s)

Personal Gear
__ Day pack
__ Sleeping bag in stuff sack
__ Sleeping pad
__ Camp shoes
__ Clean clothes for the trip home (in vehicle)
__ Hat/gloves
__ Jacket
__ Pants
__ Rain gear
__ Shorts
__ Shirts
__ Socks (wool)
__ Sweater/sweatshirt
__ Swimsuit
__ Sunglasses
__ Wet shoes
__ Wide-brimmed hat
__ Book, pencil & paper
__ Bug repellent/headnet
__ Camera equipment
__ Camp chair
__ Camp towel
__ Fishing gear/license
__ Headlamp/flashlight
__ Multi-tool/pocket knife
__ Money for food, souvenirs, licenses, etc.
__ Sunscreen/chapstick
__ Toothbrush/toothpaste
__ Water bottle

Download the Gear Checklist [PDF] or check out one of the links above.

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