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Specialty Use Canoes Definition: A canoe designed for a specific use or purpose—racing, sailing, to use with a motor, to carry four or more people, with extended decks for paddling in the ocean or extremely rough water. For more information go to Choosing a Canoe.

Camp Canoes
Longer, wider hulls accommodate multiple seats and paddlers. Seats for 3 to 8 or even 14 paddlers make these canoes ideal for families, resorts and camps.
> Tandem Canoes
Decked Canoes
Built in decks protect against wind and rough waters. Paddled from a kneeling or sitting position with a single blade paddle. Open cockpit allows for more gear storage than kayaks.
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Folding Canoes
Modern day versions of the Inuit skin boats, folding canoes are made of PVC stretched over metal frames. They are sturdy, lightweight and fold for easy storage and transportation. Ideal for inside storage in airplanes, RV's and the back of your car.
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Sailing Canoes
Outfitted with sailing rigs to harness the power of the wind for racing and touring. Hull design varies by use. Often long and narrow for maximum speed and efficiency.
> Tandem Canoes
Square Stern Canoes
Asymmetrical hulls with flat sterns allow for attachment of an outboard motor. Typically, used for recreation, lake travel, and hunting. Square stern can make paddling less efficient by creating drag.
> Tandem Canoes

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