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Canoe Gear
A canoe and paddles are a good start, but additional gear is needed to log a successful and safe wilderness trip. Some of the necessities that should be on your Gear Checklist include; PFDs, Anchor Bags, Repair Kits/Parts, and Thwart/Bow Bags. While not critical to survival, other gear is recommended to ensure a safe and comfortable trip including; Car Roof Racks, Yokes/Tumplines, and Portage Canoe Wheels. For the more advanced paddlers seeking adventure check out the Spray Skirts and Whitewater Accessories for gear needed on an arctic expedition or whitewater run.

Personal Flotation Devices
These inherently buoyant vests keep you afloat in the water with internal foam and other materials without inflation.
Car Roof Racks
Car racks mount to the roof of almost any car making it safe to transport
your canoe, yourself and your party.
Balancing weight with flexibility and strength, these additions to your canoe can provide increased comfort for carrying on portages.
Thwart/Bow Bags
Attached to the thwarts or bow decks of any canoe, bow bags provide easy access to important, smaller items while paddling.
Spray Skirts
These waterproof or water resistant covers provide protection from rain and waves. Ideal for rougher, colder, more arctic type trips.
Whitewater Accessories
These accessories enhance canoe buoyancy, maneuverability, improve safety and stability, and facilitate rescue.
Portage Canoe Wheels
Sturdy, lightweight carts attach to the middle or ends of your canoe allowing you to roll it rather than carry it.
Repair Kits/Parts
Kits include parts and materials for minor repairs on trail. Materials will vary depending on your canoe, i.e. Kevlar, fiberglass, Royalex, etc.
Anchor Bags
These easy to pack bags create sufficient canoe anchors when filled
with rocks.
Online Retailers
A complete list of where to buy canoeing-related products online.

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