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Anchor Bags Definition: Mesh, nylon or polyethylene bags are easy to pack and create sufficient canoe anchors when filled with rocks. Most are 12” x 18” and made from quick drying materials. Many manufacturers also offer canoe anchors. Available in a minimum of 1.5 lbs, required weight varies with weight (of canoe, gear and paddlers), conditions and current. 3 lbs is generally sufficient.

Product Dimensions:
L x W
Material Mfr. Price*
NRS Squid Lightweight Boat Anchor 12.5" x 2.5" Mesh $39.99
Kondos Outdoors Canoe
Anchor Bag
N/A Mesh $17.95
Boundary Waters Journal
BWJ Canoe Anchor Bag
16" x 16" Mesh $15.00
Chinook Outdoor Gear
Dropin'-Out Anchor
Rope Bag™
N/A Mesh $39.95
Spring Creek Canoe
Anchor Bag
9" x 18" Polyethylene $12.00
Piragis Canoe Anchor Bag N/A Polyethylene $15.00
Kwik Tek PWC Sand
Anchor & Buoy
N/A PVC/Polyester $20.99
Kwik Tek Airhead
Tube Anchor
N/A PVC/Polyester $16.99

* Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, subject to change, see manufacturer web site for details. Prices listed in U.S. Dollars. home   |   about us   |   advertise with us  | contact us  |  sitemap  |  disclaimer and use policy

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