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Portage Packs

An essential piece of gear when wilderness tripping, your portage packs need to store properly in the canoe, be easy to handle around camp, and over the most rugged terrain. Portage packs are designed for both general and specific uses, in a variety of designs, shapes and materials. Some are designed in the Traditional Styles of the Duluth packs and Adirondack Pack Baskets while others are designed and manufactured to be Dry Bags and Hard-shell Boxes/Barrels. Each style has unique characteristics, features, and intended use. Choose from our large selection of manufacturers online.

Traditional Styles
The designs of these packs date back to the days of the Voyageurs. Although not waterproof, the frameless designs and canvas/nylon constructions offer a low weight option with a low center of gravity.
Dry Bags
These waterproof packs are designed with two things in mind; water and canoe tripping. The internal suspension systems and waist belts, of most models, save you energy and add welcomed comfort for the long portages.
Hard-shell Boxes/Barrels
Sturdy, waterproof containers ideal for protecting breakables, storing kitchen items and concealing food odors. Use of a tumpllne and/or barrel harness can ease the awkwardness of carrying these on the trail.
Pack Baskets
Traditional to Maine and the Adirondacks, pack baskets are designed to stand upright and are made from black ash and other natural materials.
Online Retailers
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