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Tents and Tarps
What makes a tent right for canoeing? Canoeing tents should be durable and lightweight, able to withstand the rigors of the trail and easy to portage. Your tent should also be able to protect you in the harshest weather you may encounter and well ventilated so you stay comfortable whether it’s scorching hot or raining for 2 weeks straight. To start your tent search, consider where you typically travel and in what season. Expedition Tents can stand up to the toughest Arctic winds, while Wilderness Tents are meant for 3-season canoe tripping. The whole family will enjoy Recreational Tents on a weekend outing down the river and camping minimalists will appreciate the ultra-lightweight protection of streamlined Shelters. Bug Tents and Tarps provide welcome in-camp protection from bugs and the elements. For information on everything from tent construction to care, read more at About Tents and Tarps. Whether you’re paddling solo, tandem, or in a group, the guide to Tents and Tarps can help you find the right home away from home.

Expedition Tents
Expedition tents are made to withstand high winds, snow, and the cold for those traveling in the Arctic or other locations with extreme weather.
Wilderness Tents
These tents are rugged enough for a wilderness canoe trip, yet lightweight and versatile, ready to keep you comfortable weather in rain, wind, or heat.
Recreational Tents
For weekend adventures and big groups, recreational tents will fit a crowd and your budget, while still providing quality protection from the elements.
Bug Tents
Lightweight and portable, these floorless mesh tents provide great shelter for cooking and passing the time in buggy locales.
For solo canoeists and serious minimalists these full and partial coverage shelters provide ultra-lightweight protection from wind and rain.
Tarps provide quick, versatile shelter and can be the key to happy camping: just try cooking in a downpour without one.
Online Retailers
A complete list of where to buy canoeing-related products online.

About Tents
What makes a good tent for canoe camping? Find out!
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