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Canoe trip stories submitted by users. Have a story to share? Send it to us >




John River Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

We flew commercial airplanes from the Twin Cities in Minnesota to Bettles, Alaska. The trip took two days with an overnight in Seattle. We arrived in Bettles at 3:00 pm and departed at 7:00 pm the same day on a chartered Beaver on floats for the 88-mile flight to Hunt Fork Lake in Gates of the Arctic National Park in the headwaters of the John River... More >>




River Iowa Overnight Trip (RIOT)
Submitted by Rick Regenfuss, April 9, 2009

Our four intrepid voyageurs (Rick, Brian, Josh & Phil) ventured out Friday just before 6:00 pm on May 30 in two Old Towns, one fiberglass and the other Royalex. We planned to float the Iowa River from Iowa Falls to Eldora. More >>



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Day paddle on the northern coast of Maine
Submitted by Timothy Eaton, July 17, 2011


We arrived at Port Clyde Kayaks, located on the southern most tip of the St. George’s peninsula, at 8:45 am to rendezvous with our Maine guide--John Sibley. The kayak shop is located on the harbor in Port Clyde, once famous for the canned Port Clyde sardines, now famous for its lobster harvest and kayaking.... More >>


Allagash Heavy
Submitted by Kevin French, August 26, 2008

This trip’s planning started on the second day of last year’s trip after the disaster at Long Lake Dam. Work started in April repairing the canoe I was going to use. I found it in the dump the year before. It looked like it got frozen in the ice, with cracks on both sides of the mid section. More >>


Solo Canoe Trip – Chiputneticook Lakes June 12 – 15, 2006
Submitted by Thomas Neal, August 28, 2007

The Chiputneticook Lakes are a series of lakes that straddle the Maine/New Brunswick border and serve as the headwaters of the historic St. Croix River. The primary lakes in this group are Spednic & Palfrey, East Grand and North with smaller feeder lakes on both sides of the border. More >>


Allagash River, ME
Submitted by Kevin French, August 27, 2007

This trip started as a Family reunion trip but slowly downgraded to nine relatives having a great time and about 20 others missing out on a super 67 mile river trip. More >>



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Rivers and Streams


Pere Marquette River, Baldwin, MI
Submitted by Jeff Winston, February 17, 2008

The Pere Marquette, or "PM" as it's called locally, is known as perhaps the finest barrier-free stream in the United States. Beginning in south eastern Lake County, just west of Reed City, Michigan it stretches over 180 scenic miles to its mouth opening into Pere Marquette Lake. More >>


Sylvania Wilderness

  Jewel of the Sylvania Wilderness: Day Trip to High Lake
Submitted by Kari Finkler, May 2013


Virgin growth white pines towering over us are the first surprise. I knew Sylvania was one of the few pockets of forest untouched by logging, but nothing prepares you for the deep mossy quiet that you enter when you push off into Sylvania Wilderness... More >>



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BWCAW - Mudro, Gull, Moosecamp, Fourtown Lakes
Submitted by Vin Carlson, February 2016

Our 2015 paddling and camping trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area included eight people. One of my brothers, as well as my brother-in-law from Cameroon, would be experiencing the BWCA for the first time...
More >>


BWCA - Crocodile Lake Basecamp
Submitted by Jeff Linder, February 2016

After the long winter we endured this year, we began checking webcams a couple weeks before our trip to make sure the ice was going to be out in time. It was, but not with a lot of time to spare. My buddy Jim and I planned an easy, one portage and basecamp trip to an area we had never been... More >>


Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness - Angleworm to Mudrow Lake
Submitted by Taylor Ham, February 2016

On October 1st 2015 my friend Cole and I set out on a four day canoe trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. We put in on Angleworm which was a two mile portage just to get to the lake. We packed as light as we could to make the portages as fast as possible... More >>


Boundary Waters Canoe Trip 2002
Submitted by 'tbone' Tony, February 2016

Lake One Thru lakes 2,3,4, Insula, Kiana, Thomas, Fraser, Gerund, Ahmakose, Wisini, Strup, Kekekabic, Eddy, South Arm of Knife, Seed, Carp, Birch... More >>


Granite River off Gunflint Lake
Submitted by Mark Odegard, July 2015

Check out this lovely journal page, detailing a trip to the Granite River off of Gunflint Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness...More >>


Countdown to the BWCA ~ The Trip
Submitted by Lindsey Altermatt, July 2015

Our first trip into the BWCA was kind of like becoming a first time parent. You can do tons of research and get loads of advice but until you actually experience it – you have no idea what you’re doing! I was humbled many times out there – but that too is good for a person! The lessons learned... More >>


Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness: Modified Kawisihiwi Lake/Lady Loop
Submitted by John Carlson, August 2013

I found this route referenced by different names in different guides. One guide called it the Kawishiwi Lake Loop and the other referred to it as the Lady Loop. My trip was with a local group called Central Indiana Wilderness Club (CIWC), eight adults from mid 40s to late 60s with a common purpose: love the outdoors... More >>


Men in the Bush:
An Autumn Canoe Trip
Submitted by Ken Wood, April 1, 2009

My obsession for canoe tripping is always difficult to control. It is an addiction that becomes compulsive as I get older. This past fall what started as a hopeful draw on a BWCAW moose permit turned into a classic autumn tour. More >>


Ensign Lake with the Granddaughters
Submitted by Lynn O'Kane, January 23, 2008

August 20th. Trip started a little later than planned.  Dang Siamese kitten took off and needed to find him before we took off for 3 days!  John found him around 6:45 am and then we were ready to get into town and take off. More >>


Lake Superior


Unexpected Paddle, Incidental Fish
Submitted by Muir Eaton, August 6, 2009

Statistics: Two adults paddling, two dogs duffing; Launched at the mouth of Kodunce River, northeast of Grand Marais, MN; Wind was calm, temp in the upper 50’s, sunny; 27” steelhead. More >>


MN Rivers and Streams


The Minnesota State Water Trail System: Celebrating 50 Years of Paddling
Submitted by Rob Kesselring, June 2013

2013 is the 50th anniversary of the Minnesota State Water Trail system. This is a system of recreational routes on waterways that are managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for canoeing, kayaking and camping. More >>


May 22 – Minnesota Chapter Wooden Canoe Heritage Association
Submitted by Barry Christenson, June 11, 2010

Large thunderheads and frequent lightning dominated the northern sky ahead of us on Saturday morning, May 22, in the apparent direction of our destination – the Mississippi River near Clearwater, MN... More >>


The 2007 Mississippi River Challenge:
Paddling in the Wake of Tragedy
Submitted by Rashi Mckinney, August 28, 2007

We are paddling away from the bank into the light mist hanging above the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers. Trees cover both sides of the gorge down to the water and the muted calls of the birds filter through the woods. More >>


Voyageurs National Park


Canoe the Heart Leg C: Celebrating the Quetico Provincial Park and Superior Naitonal Forest Centennial
Submitted by Tim Eaton, July 22, 2009

This leg of Canoe the Heart paddled from Crane Lake at the southern end of Voyageurs National Park to Fall Lake in Ely, Minnesota. More >>


Canoe the Heart Leg B: Celebrating the Quetico Provincial Park and Superior Naitonal Forest Centennial

Submitted by Tim Eaton, July 14, 2009


Paddlers assembled at Whispering Pines on July 4th 2009 and paddled a 27 foot North Canoe across Voyageurs National Park. More >>


Washington State

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Yakima River, Washington State
From Ellensburg to Columbia River
Submitted by Scott Schuldt, July 27, 2010

The Yakima River runs east for over 180 miles from the Cascade Range to the Columbia River at Richland, Washington, passing from Cascade foothills to eastern Washington scrub and desert and finally, the Scablands.... More >>


Canoeing Down the Cowlitz River in Washington State on July 4th:
More than We Bargained For
Submitted by Greg Paris, July 5, 2009

On the 4th, we took out the dual purpose Feather, which can be used with or without a motor, as just a canoe. We ran 20 miles or so down the Cowlitz River, and got a little more than we bargained for. More >>



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Rivers and Streams


The Bois Brule River: Paddling the Trail of Natives, Fur Traders, and Presidents
Submitted by Scott Oeth, February 2016

The Bois Brule River in far northwestern Wisconsin is a clear, fast, and rocky river that flows through the beautiful Brule River State Forest as it rushes into Lake Superior. I'd wanted to paddle these waters for quite awhile, and when a weekend opened up recently, I threw the canoes on the roof rack and headed north! More >>


Canoeing the Namekagon
A National Scenic and Wild River
Submitted by Robert Bullis, June 9, 2010

My paddling partner Barry Babcock and I started our trip on May 26, 2010, at Hayward Wisconsin. We contacted the Park Service to check water levels; the report was a week old and they advised starting below County Road M. We put in at the landing across from the DNR office in Hayward... More >>


Lakes and Forests


Lost in the Scenery of Lost Canoe Lake
Submitted by Scott Oeth, February 2016

Sometimes, the best adventures are right next door. After talking with representatives from Wisconsin's Northern Highlands-American Legion (NHAL) State Forest and YMCA Camp Manitowish at Canoecopia in Madison last Spring... More >>




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Gammon & Bloodvein Rivers Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

It took our crew 12 ½ hours to drive from the Twin Cities in Minnesota to Riverton, Manitoba on the west side of Lake Winnipeg. We stayed overnight in a motel and early the next morning took a 50-minute flight to Waupaskapek Lake on the Gammon River. More >>


Bigstone and Fox Rivers Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

It took a good share of two days to drive from St. Paul, MN to Cross Lake, east of Wabowden, in northern Manitoba. At Cross Lake, a Cree community of 7,000 people, we hired a local Cree with his 16.5-foot motorboat to transport all our gear and people 45 miles to the end of Cross Lake. More >>


Bloodvein River Trip Report
Submitted by Vern Fish, December 2014

We paddled across northern Woodland Caribou Provincial Park from Knox Lake through Murdock Lake, Larus Lake, Lawrence Lake, Barclay Lake, Mary’s Lake and finally into Artery Lake... More >>


The Middle Track:
The Bigstone - Fox - Hayes Rivers
Submitted by Duane Lee, March 2, 2009

This trip is not for the faint of heart. Once you leave the community of Cross Lake, you will be in an isolated wilderness setting with a high probability of not seeing other people. More >>


Northwest Territories

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Snowdrift River Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

Two of us drove from the Minnesota/Wisconsin area to Yellowknife and transported three canoes and gear for five people while the others flew to Yellowknife. Our 2200 mile vehicle route required 41-hours of driving (including time for meals, gas, and rest rooms) spread over three days with two nights in motels... More >>



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Thlewiaza River Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

The Thlewiaza River is in the Territory of Nunavut, Canada, just north of the Manitoba border. In a van with four people, two canoes, and all our gear, we drove 20 hours and 40 minutes from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota to Lynn Lake, Manitoba... More >>


Quoich River Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

On July 15 a single-engine Otter on wheels and floats took us on a 1 ½ hour flight in two trips to a small lake at the headwaters of the Quoich River, northeast of Baker Lake. We aimed for Snow Bunting Lake, but our pilot landed at another unnamed lake five miles further downstream.... More >>


Nanook River Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

Late in the afternoon we flew in a Twin Otter to the headwaters of the Nanook River and landed on a tiny esker on the north branch of the Nanook with 50 feet of “runway” to spare. After camping overnight we traveled downstream for 15 days (including two layover days) covering 95 miles and ending at the mouth of the river on the northern coast of Victoria Island... More >>


Kazan, Ferguson & Wilson Rivers Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

This expedition began on Lynx Lake at the headwaters of the Thelon River and ended at the Hamlet of Whale Cove on Hudson Bay. It covered about 605 miles over the course of 47 days, beginning on July 2 and ending on August 16, 2012. There was a partial crew change in the middle of the trip... More >>


Clarke & Thelon Rivers Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

The four of us drove in a van from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to Points North Landing, near Wollaston Lake in northern Saskatchewan. We drove continuously for 27 1/2 hours over two days, including brief stops for meals, gas, and other incidentals... More >>


Summer at 69° North Latitude
Submitted by Jim Gallagher, February 2015

At 69° North Latitude in the Canadian Arctic, the summer of 2014 seemed to have taken a vacation. Elsewhere on the globe, this year shaped up to be the warmest in 134 years of recorded weather history.  On Victoria Island in Nunavut, the warmth experienced elsewhere on the planet was elusive... More >>



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Killarney Provincial Park
Submitted by Kevin French, February 2016

"My Canoe partner Nick gave me a call and said he was looking at one of last seasons Canoe rentals at Killarney Outfitters. A fully restored 17' Quetico from Souris River. He told me about the price and I told him that was a long way to drive, from Western Mass, for a canoe"... More >>


Quetico Provincial Park


Quetico 2016 – Man Chain 9/3/2016 – 9/11/2016
Submitted by Bob Anderson, November 2016

The following is a trip log of four experienced BWCA travelers. Bob, John, Jerry and Greg are all associated with Urban Boatbuilders. We paddled skin on frame canoes built by the teen apprentices at UBB (Urban Boatbuilders).... Nice on the portages! More >>


“Quetico 2013 – Falls Chain 9/2/2013 – 9/9/2013”
Submitted by Bob Anderson, November 2016

When planning the trip I had trouble deciding how many days it would take... I have a buddy who goes every year and they make it to Kawnipi Lake in one day. Well, we decided on 7 days. We wanted to take our time. We double portage (there were a lot of portages) and we wanted a layover day on Kawnipi.... More >>


Canoeing the Quetico: One Portage to Wilderness
Submitted by Linda Hardin, October 2015

"The temperature was dropping quickly, wind was whipping in from the southwest, and the sky was looking ominous. The forecast had been right—we were in for a big storm..." More >>


Silver Falls Chain Route, Quetico Provincial Park
Submitted by Mark Odegard, July 2015

An illustrated journey into Quetico, complete with hand drawn maps and life lessons learned...More >>


“Road Trip to Quetico Grand Slam or Bust”
Submitted by Patrick Brewer, July 2014

We planned this Canoe Trip for a couple of years; we had been on a Quetico trip back in 2011. We wanted to try and catch a Grand Slam (all 5 species of fish) Lake Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass. And this time we wanted to drive from our homes on the West Coast instead of fly. Hence the Theme of our trip: Road Trip to Quetico Grand Slam or Bust.... More >>


There and Back Again, 2011 Quetico Trip
Submitted by Patrick Brewer, July 12, 2011

Our trip started at 2AM on June 6th 2011, when we left Brookings, Oregon for our 6AM flight out of Medford. Dave drove his Toyota and the trip was smooth with little traffic. Our flight to Seattle on Horizon Air was on time, the seating was tight and the prop engines noisy...
More >>


Youth Group on Quetico's Man Chain, June 2010
Submitted by Jim Otepka, September 8, 2010

Follow the Wilderness Challenge Program (WCP), a six-day/five night youth canoe camping experience. This year's trip on Quetico Provincial Park’s Man Chain... More >>


Quetico - June 2009
Submitted by Gary Mook, August 7, 2009

This trip with my son-in-law Joe was our third year in a row to the Quetico, but first to the "southern" area. It was also the first time I've ever been windbound for 36 hours and missed a pickup (by 22 hours). More >>


Quetico Provincial Park:
Father and Son Dream Trip
Submitted by Patrick Brewer, October 6, 2008

This trip was long in the planning stage, and was on hold while I recovered from a heart attack in the spring of 2007. We started planning in earnest when the cardiologist gave me the O.K. It was worth the wait. More >>


A Thin Blue Line on the Map
Submitted by Chuck Rose, April 21, 2008

Trail Creek! This was the day. For years (off and on, but literally years) we had looked suspiciously at the thin blue line on the map linking Trail Lake with the Maligne River. Had people been there before? Undoubtedly. How many? Inquiries suggested very few. Would the creek be passable? Today, we would find out. More >>


ON Rivers and Streams


Steel River
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

Directions to Put-In and Take-Out: The Steel River is east of Lake Nipigon and flows southward into the North Shore of Lake Superior. From the west: From the Esso Gas station in Terrace Bay, Ontario, drive 23.5 miles east on Highway 17 to Dead Horse Road and turn north... More >>


Pigeon River
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

A single-engine Otter made two 30-minute flights one-way to deliver our party to the put-in on Amphibian Lake, 86.5 miles upstream from Lake Winnipeg. In retrospect we wished that we had begun a few miles further upstream at Family Lake in order to see Shining Falls... More >>


Misehkow & Albany Rivers Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

The pilot put is ashore on a point of land jutting into the lake. From there we took four days to paddle about 40 miles down to the Albany River. Then we spent another four days paddling about 40 miles on the Albany to Howells Lake, just upstream from Miminiska Lake... More >>


Kopka River
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

Knowing we had to paddle just 75 miles in 7½ days, we camped immediately. Our campsite had a large slab of granite along the shore and a cushion of moss and lichens beneath our tents which were protected from the wind by jack pines and spruces. More >>


Gull River Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

This was the most arduous 5-day canoe trip I ever completed. The river dropped 40 feet per mile in the first 6 miles. Over the next 35 miles the drop per mile ranged from 5.5 to 9.5 feet. The last 10 miles were nearly flat with little discernible current... More >>


Gitchie & Otoskwin Rivers Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

We traveled I-35 to Duluth, Highway 61 to Thunder Bay, Highway 17 to Ignace, and Highway 599 to Pickle Lake. There we stayed overnight in a house rented from the canoe outfitter. In midafternoon the next day we flew in a single-engine Otter for 30-40 minutes to McVicar Lake on the Gitchie River.... More >>


Esnagami & Little Current Rivers
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

Our canoe route took us 139 miles in 9 days of paddling from Stinger Lake down the Esnagami and Little Current Rivers to the Kenogami River where we paddled upstream 4 ½ miles to the mouth of the Drowning River... More >>


Dusey & Ogoki Rivers Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

We paddled 60 miles downstream on the Dusey and 47 miles down the Ogoki River in eight days, including the days we flew in and out. Although we averaged 13.5 miles per day, our daily mileage varied from 3½ to nearly 19 miles. Our trip ended at Ogoki Post More >>


Pipestone/Winisk RiverTrip Report
Submitted by Vern Fish, June 2014

Our route follows the Pipestone River Provincial Park from a road access north of Pickle Lake to Kanuchuan Lake. The Pipestone River flows into Wunnummin Lake where it merges into the headwaters of the Winisk River... More >>


Otoskwin-Attawapiskat Rivers of Ontario
Submitted by Frank de Jong, April 2013

Having canoed Ontario rivers like the Missinaibi, Wakweyokastic and the Albany, we thought we knew what to expect, but, for almost a month, the scenic and exciting Otoskwin-Attawapiskat delivered new charms daily..... More >>


Ontario’s Winisk River
Submitted by Vern Fish, April 2013

This route follows the Winisk Wild River Provincial Park from Webeque to Peawanuck, Ontario. The Winisk River flows north from Winisk Lake to Hudson Bay. The first 70+ miles cuts through the granite of the Canadian Shield until the river drops into the limestone lowlands of Hudson Bay.... More >>


The Steel River, Northwest Ontario
Submitted by Paul J. Knoerr, August 30, 2007

Saturday July 28, 2007 Laura and I left Grand Haven at 7:17 AM heading north via Grand Rapids, Lake City, and then north on I-27 to I-75. We then stopped for a break at Sault St. Marie, MI for gas and something to drink. Then over the International Bridge and into Canada. More >>


Petawawa River Trip Account – August 9-11, 2007
Submitted by Matt Osterroth, August 28, 2007

Since age 3, our son Dylan, (now 8), looks forward to that yearly backcountry canoe trip we enjoy so much. Most trips are done in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada, a 7700 square kilometer paradise of lakes, swamps, rivers and Boreal forest. More >>


Temagami Ontario Trip Log, June 30 thru July 9 Obabika Lake to Maple Mountain and back.
Submitted by Bill Lafferre, September 5, 2007

Sat. June 30 Left home in Brampton, Ont. at 6:15am, arrived at River Valley around 11:00am to meet Claude and Shelley and had lunch at Claude’s aunt and uncle’s. Arrived at access to Obabika Lake at 3:30pm and camped. More >>


Wabakimi Park


Wabakimi Trek
Submitted by Vern Fish, January 2017

In 2008 I had the opportunity to spend a week helping Phil Cotton clear portages on Crown Land on the west side of Wabakimi Provincial Park. Phil is the founder of the Wabakimi Project; it is his goal is find, clear and map the historic canoe routes in and around this huge wilderness area...More >>


Wabakimi Provincial Park - Allan Water Bridge to Redhead Lake
Submitted by Tim Eaton, December 10, 2010

Paddling one of the oldest sections of the Park with access via the Canadian National Railroad. 184 miles over 13 days - 94 miles by train, 77 miles by canoe and 13.1 portage miles (21,150 meters) walking 33 trails...More >>


Woodland Caribou Park


Solo canoe trip in the Indian House Lake area of Woodland Caribou Park
Submitted by Keasley Jones, September 2016

My canoeing experience is rather thin, comprised of just a few dozen days as a young teenager on lakes at a Boy Scout camp in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, a few days of bumping along in a well-dented aluminum canoe on the Russian River in Northern California... More >>


Woodland Caribou Provincial Park - Artery Lake to Lund Lake
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is located west of Red Lake, Ontario and borders Manitoba. Its 1.1 million acres of wilderness hosts only about 800 paddlers per year, but hundreds more utilize the park through its fishing lodges and outpost cabins... More >>


Woodland Caribou Provincial Park: A Father and Son Trip
Submitted by Steve Rosengren, August 2013

This was the 11th canoe trip my son, Ben, and I have taken together. Since his first trip when he was 5, Ben has loved being out in the wilderness. Now 17, he’s a strong paddler and portager, never complains, and has a great sense of humor! We had never been to WCPP... More >>



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Waterfound & Fond du Lac Rivers Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

The Waterfound and Fond du Lac Rivers are located in northeastern Saskatchewan, north of La Ronge. Dan and I drove from the Twin Cities in Minnesota to Points North Landing near Lake Wollaston in 27 hours, including stops for gas and meals, but not counting the four hours we stopped to sleep... More >>


North Porcupine River
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

Soon after breakfast we flew 100 miles in a Cessna 185 and a single-engine Otter to the north end of Striding Lake on the Striding River on the southern border of the Northwest Territories. We camped on a sandy esker and the next day began downstream travel. We paddled for a day on the Striding River until it met the Porcupine River... More >>


MacFarlane River Summary
Submitted by Mel Baughman, May 2015

We drove from St. Paul, MN to Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan in about 22 hours over two days, stopping overnight in a motel. A single-engine turbo Otter transported us 135 miles north to Lisgar Lakes on the upper MacFarlane River. From this put-in we paddled 180 miles in 12 days... More >>


Submitted by Craig Norell, September 10, 2007

It was Friday evening about 8:00 o’clock SASKATCHEWAN time and we were negotiating the last part of a 400 km gravel road that terminates at Points North Landing, a transportation hub for mineral exploration in Uranium country. More >>



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Troop 405 Canoe Trails 2006 River Trip – "Cry Me a River"
Submitted by Kurt Larson, August 27, 2007

Friday, August 4, 2006 3:32 am: We start 2 minutes behind schedule, but Bentley took full responsibility for those precious lost moments. With canoes in tow, the Scouts of Troop 405 head North toward the wilds of Canada. Our destination: Temiscaming, Quebec. More >>




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