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Discover the best-kept secret of paddlers all over the world – no other place provides such solitude, such a pure wilderness experience. Start your adventure now – planning a trip is so easy, everything you need to know is right here!

About the Park

Home to the Ojibway people of yesterday and today, an area once travelled by fur traders, and home to one of the largest groups of woodland caribou south of Hudson Bay, this cultural landscape promises ancient pictographs, howling wolves under starry skies, soaring eagles, solitude and adventure. Classified as a “wilderness” class park, it spans 1.2 million acres/486,235 ha. Many paddlers visit the park, and never see another person for the duration of their trip!

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2017 Information
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Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Brochure

What can we do in Woodland Caribou?
Backcountry Camping    
Wildlife Viewing

Park Rules and Regulations [pdf]
The Official Woodland Caribou
Provincial Park Map >


2017 Fees (in Canadian $) [pdf]

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Plan Your Trip

This northern wilderness “where nature still rules” is so remote that canoe trippers and sport fishing enthusiasts reach its backcountry campsites and outpost lodges only by water or by air. An active surrounding community of outfitters, guides, lodging, and fly-in services, makes getting into the remote backcountry easier than ever.


Back Road Conditions >

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Where is Woodland Caribou
Provincial Park?
See the Locator Map >
How do I get a Permit and what does it cost?
Fees and Permits Info [pdf]
Are there regulations and rules to follow in using the park?
Park Rules and Regulations [pdf]
Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is in Ontario fishing zone no 2. Do I need a license?
Ontario Fishing License for Non-Canadian Residents
Fishing Regulations and License Info
Where are the fish, and what kinds of fish are in the park?
Download a list of lakes and their fish [pdf]
Are there outfitters in the area?
Where can I stay near the park?
Who do I call for fly-in service?

See the Information Guide [pdf]

How do access the park by road?
See the road access map [pdf]

What routes may I paddle?
See the new canoe routes map [pdf]

Are there recommended campsites?
See the new campsites map [pdf]
Are there any historical routes?
Read about the Bloodvein River
Canadian Heritage River System [pdf]
What is Crown Land camping and do I need a permit?
Crown Land Camping Permits [pdf]
Have there been recent fires and where?
Fires Since 2010 Map [pdf]

Enter to Win! Camp in each of: Quetico, Wabakimi, and Woodland Caribou Parks for 3 consecutive nights per park and... More >

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Red Lake / Ear Falls Outfitters,
Lodging and Fly-in Services

For Topographic Maps:

Contact the Ontario Parks
office in Red Lake >

Northwest Wilderness Quest

woodland caribou park map

Read the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park map review >> 



Getting There

Now that you have your trip planned, you’ve ordered your routes map, reserved your permit, and loaded the canoe, you’re ready to hit the trail. There are no roads in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, you will need drive or fly into Red Lake to pick up your permit, and begin your journey.

Driving to Red Lake, Ontario:

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Fly Directly into Red Lake, Ontario

Regional Airlines:

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National Airlines:

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The Staff at Woodland Caribou Provincial Park are a great resource. Working together with the local outfitters, we're here to answer your questions -- about getting to the park, where to paddle while you're here, and much more! Contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park
Box 5003,  Red Lake, Ontario   P0V 2M0
TEL: (807) 727-1329 
EMAIL: woodland.caribou.mnr@ontario.ca   
WEB: www.canoeing.com/woodlandcaribou   |    www.ontarioparks.com

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Official Travel and Tourism Information

Park Information, Official Woodland Caribou Park Maps, How to Get There, Canoe Routes and More

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